6 May 2008

Happy days

We've had such a lovely weekend. On Saturday morning we took the boys to play at the play area at Fairhaven and then wandered along the lake. Then we drove to Lowther Gardens where there was a craft fair but they were charging to get in so we didn't bother. We went back home and walked into town to buy sausage rolls for lunch and took them to Ashton Gardens to eat and play.

After walking back home again Tim and Laura came for a visit. We all walked down through the town to the pier, played in the arcade there for a while, then wandered along the beach and back home for a barbecue. Tim and Laura were saying that it feels like being on holiday, and we are so lucky to live where we do because it really does!

Yesterday we went to friends for a delicious lunch after church, so that was fun too.

Today I made pancakes for the boys for breakfast then we headed out to Stanley Park nearby. We played at the playground very briefly then walked through the park ...

... and on the spur of the moment decided to rent one of the little boats and take a trip around the lake a few times.

After the boat ride we took the boys to the trampolines to have a jump while we sat and watched.

We stopped at a car boot sale on the way home but it wasn't a very good one.

Another barbecue for lunch and then a nap in the afternoon (much interrupted by the kids, grr) and then in the evening we decided to go down to the beach for a bit. The air was so still with birdsong and the smell of rain on it.

Home sweet home for a warm bath and leftover barbecue for supper, and then the kids went to bed without any hassles. What a wonderful day!!

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