2 May 2008

Noah's report

We were absolutely thrilled with the report Noah brought home with preschool. He's doing so well, especially considering he has only just turned 3. Here's what they said about him (they call the workers there the Aunties):

"Noah moves around Nursery really well making use of all our different facilities. When playing inside Noah uses all the different toys that we have out, especially when we have the cars out. Noah also enjoys the time that we get to play in the pre-school room. He loves to play in the house, but he seems to enjoy himself most when he is sat down completing a puzzle or doing a messy activity with one of his Aunties. He seems to enjoy the one on one contact at these times.

"Outside Noah has lots of fun. He especially likes to use our double bikes where he can sit down and one of his friends can pull him along. He enjoys running around and loves it when we chase him and play catch.

"Noah already knows his colours and shapes which is excellent. At registration time in the morning we do our flash cards which are our colours and shapes and sometimes our numbers and we also have our name cards. As soon as Noah came to Nursery he seemed to know all of his colours and shapes and even recognised his name which is brilliant.

"Noah has great control when he is cutting, he really tries to follow the lines. Also as you can see in his profile he did really well at tracing his name and showed great concentration. Well done Noah!

"Noah's confidence has really grown and now communicates confidently to his Aunties. Especially since he has started to wear underpants. I think this has helped a lot as he's been asking to go to the toilet he's shown more confidence when asking for other things.

"When having lunch and snack Noah will let his Aunties know if he would like some more juice or food. Noah also always remembers to use his manners. When sat at the table Noah will take in what is going on around him, what his friends are doing and talking about and he will join in.

"Throughout the day Noah talks to his Aunties and likes to know what's going on around him. If an Auntie is getting an activity ready Noah will be straight over asking what they are doing adn if he can do one.

"Noah has always come into Nursery with confidence since he joined us and this is lovely to see. He enjoys getting stuck into playing with our toys and likes to see what we've got out on the small world table, usually cars or trains which he loves to play with. Also he will go intothe house and see which of his friends are in there.

"Noah has made good connections with his friends at nursery. He seems to enjoy watching what is friends are up to but also enjoys playing alongside them as well. Noah finds it very easy to share with his friends at nursery.

"Noah also enjoys our circle time. He loves to dance around when we do Dingle Danle Scarecrow.

"Since Noah has joined us at Nursery we have seen him develop so much already and it's lovely that we've got to be a part of that. His confidence has come on in leaps and bounds and he has done so well with his potty training, we are so proud of Noah at how well he's done. Noah is such a lovely little boy and we enjoy taking care of him and I hope we are making his nursery days lots of fun."

We are so proud!! That's two for two - wonderful reports from both of our boys. We couldn't be happier.

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