31 May 2008

Pampered Chef

I hosted a Pampered Chef cooking show (home party) a couple of weeks ago and boy was it worth it. I do like the products and wanted some stoneware but just can't afford it, which is why I hosted the show. Pampered Chef is really good to their party hosts. I guess it makes sense, as without them the whole business would come to a grinding halt.

Waiting for my goodies was torture, I was so excited. I paid for the ingredients for the food prepared at the party (a pizza and a pudding) and drinks for my guests and on top of that I spent £40.20 (around $80) - and here's what I got (£202.25 worth of stuff! That's around $400.)

1. Square Baker
2. Deep Dish Baker
3. Medium Bar Pan
4. Medium & Rectangle Rack
5. Medium Round Stone
6. The Grate Container
7. Deluxe Cheese Grater
8. Three large Twixit! clips
9. Slice 'n Serve
10. Large Scoop
11. Easy Accent Decorater
12. Ice Cream Dipper
13. 6-cup Muffin Pan

I really wanted the stoneware and have already used some of it. The grater is fab (I bought two blocks of cheddar on our last grocery shop and have grated one block into a ziplock bag and sliced the other - voila, cheese ready for use at any time. The grater made it so easy.) I loved using the Easy Accent Decorator today to ice the ginger cupcakes. It is so comfortable and easy to use! The ice cream dipper is fabulous, I used my consultant's at the party and couldn't believe how well it worked.

But the product that has surprised me has been the Large Scoop.

The scoop was one of the products that I received free as a gift for hosting the show. I didn't choose it, it was just given to me. To be honest, I was kind of like, "Meh. Not sure I'll ever use it but oh well."

Today I used it when scooping cupcake batter into the little paper cases and OH WOW! How can one little product make baking cupcakes even more fun? It works so well, scoops just the right amount of batter and then whoosh, the little sweeping arm pushes the batter out of the scoop and into the paper case in one go. Brilliant! I also used it to scoop the frosting into the decorating gun, it worked a treat there too. Quite possibly my new favourite kitchen gadget - I highly recommend it!

Go on, treat yourself and host a Pampered Chef show - it's so fun and so worth it. I'm already planning on doing it again in size months to a year - I really really really wanted the Trifle Bowl but just couldn't afford it right now. Oh, and the Woven Round Tray. And the Apple Wedger. And of course the Food Chopper. And I really wanted the Prep Bowl Set. And I could do with a decent whisk. And I really need the Classic Batter Bowl. And the Baker's Roller just looks fabulous. Not to mention the Mix & Scraper.

OH DEAR!!! Intervention ... somebody, please?

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