2 May 2008

Yesterday and today

Yesterday I totally overdid it. I tidied, dusted, cleaned, vacuumed and mopped the vestibule, studio, hallway, living room and kitchen; vacuumed the stairs, landing and bathroom; washed the front door; did the ironing; baked cookies and made butter. By the end of the day I was exhausted and my back was hurting but dang if my house don't look good. Now if someone can stop me from eating those cookies that would be great.

Today I had my hair cut and visited the farmer's market where I bought cauliflower, red cabbage, lettuce, strawberry jam, pork and apple sausages, lamb and mint burgers and a piece of ostrich fillet that Grant has been obsessing about. At £28.50 per kilo it would probably be cheaper if he was after crack cocaine but he'll have to be satisfied with the teeny tiny piece of fillet that I bought. South Africa this is not.

As evidenced by the downpour I was caught in while shopping at the market. I had to take cover under the awning at a baked goods stall where, thankfully, I was not tempted to purchase anything due to my own mad baking skillz.

I also scored a pair of cords and a pair of jeans, a (new) lightweight sweater and a blouse at the charity shops - came to £17.50 for the lot! And the British Heart Foundation thanks me.

Tonight I am going on a girl's night out to eat Chinese. I think I'll wear my new pair of cords. Because at this rate, my size 10's (US size 6) won't fit me for long.

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