29 June 2008

Bookcases in living room

I've been wanting to get bookcases for the back wall of the living room but couldn't afford to. I was going to get the short Billy bookcases from Ikea. Then a friend who is moving back to the US gave us 3 of the tall Billy bookcases (thanks, Julie!) and we've put one in the living room and moved the other from the bathroom to stand next to it. I love them!!



I have no idea what I'll put on the wall next to the bookcases (above the radiator) but since deciding on and hanging artwork on the walls is probably my favourite part of decorating I'm sure I'll think of something!

The narrow one on the right with the door is from the bathroom. We will eventually buy doors for the one on the left too so that the whole of the bottom is closed but for now I've made use of some organising boxes and things I had to store my craft goodies.

What do you think of the shelf arrangements? I still need to decide what's going into the blank frame, replace the very old pics in the silver frames and add a little green something (small vase?) in front and to the right of the picture of Christ.

Here's how the bathroom looks now. I'll either hang pictures on the wall above the cabinet (which we got for dirt cheap at B&M, a local bargain store) or move the clock there and install some sort of towel rack above the bath to store rolled towels in and put a plant on the cabinet. (Click here to see how the bathroom used to look. It looks so much bigger now with the shorter cabinet!)

This is the view of the bathroom I get every time I go up the stairs - I just love it for some reason.

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