26 June 2008

First strawberry

How exciting, we've eaten something out of our own garden! Actually the title to this post is wrong, it wasn't the first strawberry, it was the second. The first one - lovingly tended and eagerly watched as it ripened and reddened - was eaten by a bird. Grrr! We immediately put the whole plant pot containing the strawberry plant into the kitchen and ordered a cheap mini greenhouse off eBay. We're still waiting for it to arrive, but in the meantime our strawberries are safe from avian predators.

Here you see the second strawberry, so beautiful and red next to another that is still ripening.

Ripening berries

And in all its glory before being consumed.

First strawberry

Grant gently plucked it, I hulled it and cut in in half. A touch of whipped cream ...

Strawberry and cream

... and we each ate half.

Strawberry and cream 2

It was SOOOO GOOOOD!! Much sweeter and more flavoursome that store-bought strawberries. Pity there was only one! We can't wait for the rest to ripen. It's so exciting eating something you've grown (even though we bought this as a plant and didn't grow it from seed.)

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