17 June 2008

The little beast

Noah has been really challenging at bedtime lately. As in, he may not live to see his fourth birthday.

Frequently we put Daniel into our bed so that he can at least get some sleep while Noah messes about for hours and we eventually lose our tempers.

There is a bolt on our bedroom door. When Grant installed it, I expressed some concern at the fact that it was within the children's reach but because of how the door is slightly warped in the frame we couldn't put it any higher. I was worried that the kids would lock themselves in and because it was just a bolt we'd have no way of unlocking it from the outside. Grant said he thought they'd be fine.

You know where this is going, right?

The other night we had the usual drama from Noah; Daniel was in our bed. Eventually they both were silent for a while and we settled down to relax downstairs. Grant went up to our bedroom to change into his pyjamas ... found Noah missing out of his bed and our bedroom door locked.

He shouted at the top of his lungs and banged on the door violently for about twenty minutes, but couldn't wake the boys. He was yelling for them to wake up and unlock the door, over and over, banging and crashing against the door with his hands, fists and various objects. I could not believe they could sleep through such a racket!! I was worried the neighbours were going to phone the police or something.

Eventually Grant broke in. He rammed the door until the doorframe splintered and broke where the bolt was.

The kicker? When he entered the room, Daniel was snoring away, fast asleep.

Noah, however, was sitting on the bed, looking at the door and smiling. He'd never been asleep at all.

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