12 July 2008

Garden progress

Basil on my kitchen windowsill (grown from seed.)

Brocolli on kitchen windowsill (grown from seed) - I need to plant them out but have no more pots and Woolworths has no more stock. Ack! All of the pots need to match! Not that I'm anal or anything ...

Our little greenhouse - anything that turns red (strawberries and tomatoes) goes in here to foil the birds. You can see how the front flap is trailing - I only used two of the three vertical poles on each corner as we didn't need the height and I wanted it as stable as possible in the wind.

Peas (grown from seed.)

Beans (from seed ... er, bean) and green peppers (bought seedlinds) and peas (from seed.)

The spring onions aren't doing much (grown from seed) and seem to have stalled. You can see the little aluminium markers we bought at Ikea for pennies.

Lettuce (from seed) - edible now!

Butternut (bought seedling) - it has started budding!

I've put up some netting on the back wall for the beans and cucumber to climb.

Cucumber plant (bought seedling.)

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