5 July 2008

A lovely day and another Noahism

Today the weather has been absolutely perfect! Sunny, bright blue sky, little puffy white clouds at the edges, not too hot due to the lovely gentle sea breeze.

Noah and I walked down to the beach and paddled in the sea for a while as the tide was in. The water was so warm. Noah loved kicking the ripples and splashing around. After a while we walked along the seafront to the public paddling pool and he played there for a bit, having fun using my flip flop as a boat. Then he needed the loo so we went to the pier and used the facilities and wandered along the arcade and out onto the pier and then back again to the seafront. We paddled in the sea a little more and then came home.

I didn't take my camera and although I'd love to have been able to take pictures it was nice to just enjoy our time at the beach.

On the way back home we passed the Grand Hotel where a wedding reception was taking place. The couple and their guests were on the patio and front lawn and there was music playing.

Noah: "What's dat music?"
Me: "There's been a wedding, that man and lady got married today."
Noah: "Dey got married?"
Me: "Yes, it's a happy day for them."
Noah: "And den dey died."
Me: "No! They never."
Noah: "What are dey going to die from?"


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