27 July 2008


This evening when we went for a walk as a family. We stopped to look at something for a little bit and then moved on - except that Noah wouldn't come along. Grant and Daniel went ahead and I picked up Noah and started after them. I guess the paving slabs were uneven on the pavement (sidewalk) where I was walking and my left ankle twisted hard and I fell - because I had Noah in my arms it threw my balance off and I couldn't recover from the twisted ankle and I fell on the ground hard on my right knee which is all scraped now.

I just sat there crying from the pain, shock and frustration with Noah who has been giving me a really hard time lately (what else is new??) - this little incident just ended up being the last straw.

So come on, join me in my misery or cheer me up and share your stories of when you wiped out. Don't be shy ... and lurkers? This is the perfect time to come out.

P.S. Noah was fine, I didn't drop him and I shielded him when I fell so he was unscathed.

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