16 August 2008

Another tag

I feel all popular and special because I've been tagged again, this time by TWO bloggers! So in response to Elizabeth and KatiePotatie, here are "6 unspectacular quirks" of mine.

1) I can't sleep if the wardrobe doors or any drawers are open.

2) It bugs me to the point of physical discomfort when I see a dog whose ear has turned inside out. I can't bear it. I can't even look at this picture.

3) I absolutely hate and abhor the telephone. I can't stand the "drop everything and give me attention!" thing when it rings - I get enough of that from my kids. Most times I just don't answer it.

4) I can't burp. About once every 5 years or so a proper burp will sneak out and I'm totally amazed! Other than that ... nope. Can't do it on purpose or naturally.

5) I am solarphobic (totally a word ... that I made up) and if we're spending more than a very short while in the sun I'll whip out the factor 50 sun protection. I guess I'm making up for my youth (in South Africa) where I used to sunburn when we went camping every single weekend. Yes, my skin shows the damage and I have way more fine lines than I should.

6) I am an extremely fast reader (which is how I keep up with following so many blogs) and can finish a paperback book in an hour and a half. If I was left in peace and quiet to do so. Which is like a totally foreign concept in my life.

And now I'm supposed to tag 6 bloggers but I am absolutely exhausted after a hectic day AND the boys are still up (grrrr!!) so I'm going to have to skip that step - if you're reading and have a blog of your own, consider yourself tagged!!

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