23 August 2008

Bad hair tag

I've been tagged again by my cousin Di over at Deez Dayz - I have to post five pictures in which I have bad hair, and one hair disaster. So here are my bad hair days (I had the hardest time narrowing it down to five!):

1) Check out the bald patch where I cut my own hair.

2) Is my hair long? Is it short? It's both! What it's not is any decent kind of style. Check out the straggling rat's tails at the bottom.

3) Is it a carrot? No, it's a child.

4) The nineties called, they want my hair back.

5) I ... I'm sorry. There are no words for this. I mean, it's not like my mother and sister didn't have their own hair.

And hair disaster: I'd have to say this short haircut when I was a child. I looked like a boy. With really large teeth. But I was really excited to get my First Real Proper Brand Name Barbie Doll.

And now I tag Joanne (Creating Something Out Of Chaos), Angelic (No One Listens to Wise Old Me), Rebecca (Sugar and Spice and a Little Something Nice), and Leith (All the World...).

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