5 August 2008


I've been busy doing all sorts of things around the house, but the only thing I have a pic of is the shoe cabinet. And even then I was a complete idiot and deleted the "before" pic off my camera by mistake after it was too late to re-take it. You'll just have to picture it: One lone shelf inside the cabinet, with the shoes all piled up on it and on the floor of the cabinet.

So today I took some long skinny battens, cut them up and stuck them in to create two new shelves and here is our gloriously organised shoe cabinet now:

- the frames I've spray-painted for the boys' room (unhung because I'm waiting for the prints, which I'll order after my client pays me later this week)
- new 8-picture photo wall in the kitchen with food photos in (I have the frames but am waiting for the prints, which I have ordered)

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