4 August 2008

Garden progress

How does my garden grow? Well, let's see ...

Dwarf beans
Finally starting to bud. This was how they looked on 30 July:

And four days later (yesterday):

Butternut squash and lettuce
The butternut plant is growing beautifully and starting to bud. You can see here how it's lounging all the way across the trough of lettuce. We don't mind as the other two pots of lettuce are full to bursting and we are kind of sick of salad!

There are six growing and more flowers that will turn into cucumbers! Here is how they looked on 30 July:

And a mere four days later (yesterday) - can you believe the growth?! (Leith, I know this brings back happy memories of your childhood!!)

The patio tomatoes are ripening, I have picked a few but we've yet to eat them (see above: sick of salad) and the other tomato plant has a handful that have yet to ripen.

Spring onions
Very skinny and don't seem to be growing.

Growing nicely, we've eaten one tiny one but we're still waiting for more to grow enough to eat.

Green peppers
A few starting to grow, very exciting.

Growing beautifully! I'm going to have to freeze some soon as I can't keep up and it needs trimming.

They seem to be diseased: the bottom of the plant is turning yellow and then dying. No actual buds, blossoms or peas have appeared and they seem to have stopped growing.

A few appear at a time but with only one plant it's not really producing a crop or anything so now we just leave them for the birds. The mini greenhouse was just a pain in the wind, unfortunately. It did well for ages until we had some gales come through, then that was the end of that. I took it down before it got completely damaged.

Next year we'll definitely start planting much earlier!

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