4 August 2008

Getting my scrapping mojo back

I used to be prolific scrapbooker, completing a layout just about every day. Daniel has all these beautiful albums documenting his first year, second year, third year and I'm still busy with his fourth.

I haven't even completed Noah's first year.

I know what you're thinking, but it's not second-child-syndrome, it's I-now-run-a-business syndrome. Scrapbooking had to take a back seat when I started my photography business, especially when we were also renovating our last house.

I've since discovered Blurb books and plan to use this company for our family albums from now on. What could be easier - just drag in all of your photos into their templates, add journaling and order the whole year of photos as a beautifully printed book.

And yet I still miss scrapbooking, and I still want to complete the albums I've started (at the very least Daniel's fourth year and Noah's first year). I just found that unless I was doing it frequently it was such a chore to get into the scrapping groove.

Well, on Saturday I went down to my local scrapbooking store for a two-hour crop, partly to get back into scrapbooking and partly to meet people. In that time I created most of two layouts (which I completed later at home) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had previously tried to scrapbook again but found it tiring and overwhelming to try to come up with ideas, but on Saturday I really found my groove again. I did some more scrapping yesterday afternoon on my kitchen counter, where Noah can't really reach my stuff and I could leave it and come back to it in between seeing to the boys.

Here are the fruits of my weekend (click to enlarge a little). Wasn't Noah a sweet baby!

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