4 September 2008

Back to school

This picture posted here made me laugh!

We feel the same relief since school started up yesterday. Yeah, yeah, love my boys, blah blah blah ... but 24/7 has become a bit much (for all of us) and it's so nice to get back to routine. Daniel loves seeing his friends and Noah LOVES his new preschool.

I tried to take a photo of Daniel all togged up in his uniform and ready for school yesterday, but he wouldn't let me. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Can I take your picture please?
Daniel: Why?
Me: You look so handsome! I want a picture of your first day back at school.
Daniel: It's not like my first day at school, that was two years ago.

Noah was a bit more co-operative. We've switched him to the preschool at Daniel's school and he'll now go every day from 1:00pm - 3:30pm. He now has a little uniform, consisting of a polo shirt and sweatshirt with the preschool logo on. So cute!

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