30 September 2008


We'd been meaning to get the boys bicycles for, oh, a couple of years and we finally got around to it when we realised that Daniel is rapidly reaching the age when he'll be too embarrassed to ride around with stabilisers (we call them training wheels in South Africa) and then he'd never learn.

So we went to a car boot sale and snagged a bike for Daniel for £12 and one for Noah for £8. Helmets were £2.99 each at Home Bargains and their stabilisers cost about the same as their bikes.

Here's Grant giving Daniel ride his bike in the alley behind our house before we bought the stabilisers:

We loaded the bikes into the car, went and bought stabilisers and then found an empty car park in an industrial area to fit them and let the boys practise.

I've read a great tip for helping kids learn to ride their bikes in one day, but even at its lowest setting Daniel's seat is a little too high and he can't make that technique work. So we'll see how long it takes him to learn.

Next on our agenda: arranging swimming lessons.

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