30 September 2008

Crafty in the hallway

Last week I found this amazing fabric at a cheap fabric store I like to visit in Preston (and I just realised they've rolled out the online shopping feature on their website, oh happy day!). I just fell in love with the fabric and bought some to make a new cover for the seat in the hallway. First, a close-up of the fabric:

And then a before and after of the bench.

I have to say the 1-inch gusset on either end darn near killed me. And then my mom goes, "Why didn't you just mitre the corners?"

DOH!! *headslap*

Thanks, Mom, where were you for the last 45 minutes??

Oh yeah, keeping Noah amused.

My other find for the hallway was a lovely 27 inch square Venture frame at a car boot sale for £3. The seller had removed their portrait out of the frame but the little tell-tale square was still in the corner.

Quick aside, for those who are not in the UK: Venture is a portrait photography franchise studio that is very, very, very, very (did I say very?) expensive. They're also completely NOT transparent with their pricing and clients often get sucked into buying way over their budget because of high pressure sales tactics and the fact that the price is only revealed kind of at the end of their ordering session. Anyhoo, business practices aside, each portrait has a signature little metal square sticker in the corner of the mat.

I framed some of the fabric and removed the square and covered the rough spot with an M sticker. I didn't really want to do the fabric but knew the frame would sit around for ages while I waited to find the perfect piece of art, so I just decided to go ahead in the meantime. It's not bad, especially since you don't see the picture and the bench at the same time as they are on opposite walls.

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