9 September 2008

Elaine's question

Elaine Bowen asked,

On the days or moments when your house is not immaculate, and the kids are missbehaving and you are still in your pajamas.... did you take any photos and are you brave enough to share them with all of us????

That's so funny, I have been planning on that kind of a post! So when I read your question I immediately got up and picked up my camera and went and took photos in my house.

These pictures were taken on Saturday after my newborn session. This is the state of my studio - chairs everywhere, baby wipes on my desk, a random throw, props needing to be put away, keylight ditto.

My kitchen - broken DVD player on table awaiting Grant's expertise (he fixed it yesterday), random plastic tub, toy trolley, paint roller handle needing to be stashed in cellar.

Left hand side of kitchen: my (clean) socks, refreshment tray from session, dishwasher full of clean dishes needing unpacking, dirty muffin trays, cupcakes on cooling rack from the day before.

Right hand side of kitchen: dirty dishtowel, random cardboard, cleaning spray, empty can of beans, leftovers from breakfast, some papers for filing, my apron hanging on fridge handle.

Look at the time: 1:40pm and Noah's still in his (mismatched) pyjamas.

The boys' bedroom - to be fair, Daniel is busy playing.

Half of my bedroom - washing hanging to dry, curtains need extending, wardrobe doors open, shoe rack that needs selling on eBay, boots to the left of my wardrobe, cable going across room to Grant's heating pad (his feet get cold and then he can't sleep!)

Hair straighteners and hairbrush out, random shopping receipts, scale which needed to be put in ensuite, Grant's shoes and clothes, laundry tub, Wii box.

This is the landing: random tools needing stashing in the cellar. More storage tubs lying around.

The rest of the landing - my jeans on the banister, stairgate needing storing under the boys' bed, shelf unit to give to Tim and Laura, my bicycle helmet on it (needing to go the cellar - see a pattern here??)

SO! That is my house on a Saturday morning when I've been working. I hope I've demolished the illusion of perfection for once and for all.

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