9 September 2008

Gillian's question

Gillian (my cousin) from Bowen's Blog asked,

What is your and Grant's Church callings at the moment?

I teach Relief Society on the third Sunday (out of the Joseph Smith manual) and have been amazed by how much I enjoy it. Who knew?! Grant and I have also both been called to do the Achievement Night (Faith in God) activities.

What pranks have you played lately on your poor unsuspecting husband? :)

Funny you should ask ... the latest was last night. Well, 4:25am actually.

But first, for those who don't know, I have an ongoing campaign to give my poor husband frights. I do it because he is so funny when he gets a fright, and he's such a good sport. (Me, well I get really angry when I get a fright - I believe that's an effect of nor-adrenaline. Whatever, it ticks me off.)

Once when we were newlyweds he was in the bathroom, I think he'd just finished shaving. The bathroom was in the centre of the house so it had no window, it was tiled from floor to ceiling and it was really echoey. It had a hollow core door, which was open. As I walked past I whacked the door with the flat of my hand and it made a really loud booming noise which gave Grant a fright. He came out of the bathroom and said to me, "Thanks for giving me a fright when I was in front of the mirror, because now I know why you do it!" See - it's not just me who thinks he's funny when he gets a fright.

My cousin Di (Gillian's sister) thinks he's funny too, and she snapped this picture once (years ago) when visiting. We were waiting for him to arrive home and when he did, as he started to open the door I yanked it open. Di snapped the pic of his face.

ANYWAY, to get to the point and answer Gillian's question, last night Grant was on night shift. I half woke up around 4am and was dozing when I heard him arrive home a little while later. I woke up properly, seized the opportunity and crept out of bed in the dark, shutting the bedroom door behind me like we usually leave it, and crouched down on the landing just where the stairs to the top floor begin. As Grant came up onto the landing to approach our room, he turned on the landing light as he thought he'd heard a noise - so I had the benefit of seeing his HILARIOUS face as I jumped forward and grabbed his leg. It was an unexpected bonus on top of the sound of him screaming like a little girl. He was embarrassed at what the neighbour must think, he said the neighbour probably thought it was me because honestly, it wasn't a manly yell.


It took me over an hour to get back to sleep, but it was worth it.

In my career as fright-giver I have previously given him a big enough fright that his legs turned to jelly and he collapsed in a heap. I'm aiming for involuntary urination - my mission will be complete when he actually wets his pants.

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