9 September 2008

*JEM*'s question

*JEM* from Creative Ways and Playful Days asked,

Where do you find your inspiration?

Same question as Dawn, answered in the post below.

What type of camera/lenses do you use?

Cameras: I have two Canon 20D's which I plan to upgrade / replace within the next year or two. They're getting pretty worn out. The lenses that I use are both Sigmas: one is 18-125mm and I love this one for photographing the rooms in my house as it has a nice wide-ish angle. I also use this one in studio as it has a nice zoom plus it can go wide enough to photograph whole families without me having to step out through my bay window! Only down-side is that it's not very fast - only f/5.6 (or f/3.5 on it's widest angle). The other lens I use is 24-70 and I adore it because it can stay at f/2.8 throughout its range. It is pretty heavy but worth it - it's a nice lens at a modest price.

What color is the interior of your house?

It's Magnolia, which is the "default" cheap basic neutral over here in England. It's the colour that will be on the walls of a rental apartment. Kind of plain, but inoffensive. It is a pretty nice colour, but it can be a bit borign. We plan to have the whole interior painted with a Dulux brand paint called "Natural Hessian" - it's a very pale taupe. Slightly more contemporary than the Magnolia.

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