9 September 2008

JessB's question

JessB from It's a Boy's Life for Me and Cafe Jessica asked,

So, how is it that you keep up with 2 kids, the house and a home business? My house is a DISASTER most days and yours always looks super.

The truth is, something has to give and it's usually my house. It doesn't always look super. It's pretty easy to keep tidy but there are usually things lying around, there is usually dust in at least a couple of rooms, I don't vacuum often enough, etc.

I also keep procrastinating things like exercise.

I will also confess to spending far too much time "playing" (sewing, crafting, blogging) and too little time doing things like reading with my kids, playing with them, etc. I'm not a very involved, hands-on mom (mainly because I get bored very very easily and playing with kiddie toys is enough to send me catatonic within five minutes) and I do feel guilty about it. But my boys are pretty independent and when given the choice to do stuff with me (e.g. help me unpack the dishwasher or cook dinner) they suddenly find playing by themselves more interesting, so I guess it's mutual! Little stinkers.

I frequently have little meltdowns because I feel overwhelmed and people keep asking me to do stuff, and I just want to be left alone, waah, waah, etc. But on the whole I love being at home and I love being busy in it.

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