9 September 2008

Lisa's question

Lisa from Live, Love, Laugh & Create and All About Me and My World asked,

How on earth do you manage to keep your house looking so clean & tidy?????? Esp. with having 2 kids? Any tips are greatly appreciated!!

I've kind of answered this in a previous question. First I have to say my house is NOT always like a show-home. But I have a place for everything and I have no extra clutter. It's that simple (for me). The fewer things I have, the fewer I have to store. The fewer clothes we have, the fewer I have to wash. And if everything has a place, it is so much quicker to pick things up and put them away - there's no thought process involved. I'm organised because I'm lazy!

I also (sadly) find it quicker and easier to just do it myself than to involve my kids. They are turning a little spoilt and entitled, so I really have to work on this.

Lastly ... my house looks immaculate in the photos because:

1) I tidy it before taking the picture. Usually that involves throwing crap from one room to the next, just for the picture. Because there is usually stuff lying around.

2) You can't see dust in the pictures. Any little spots on the carpet or lint or whatever that does show in the pic gets Photoshopped out. I swear I don't do any major work ... but I do do occasional touch-ups. There. I said it.

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