7 September 2008

Living room pics

Wow, what a lot of great questions! Thanks for participating - I'll close the comments and do the draw tomorrow afternoon, my time (that's Monday afternoon, GMT) and then get to answering the questions.

For now, here are some shots of the new pictures I hung in the living room. I used old black frames that I already had. You can see them here in a previous home of ours (the one before last), containing art that I made out of hessian, a textured woven placemat, twigs, dried grasses, a brown leaf, and dried apple slices:

I ripped out the old artwork, painted the frames brown and had my lab print some recent pictures, and this is the result - I love how it fills that empty corner.

And I swear that the fact that the boys are wearing green and brown was a total coincidence - for once! In fact, it was a miracle that Noah was dressed at all. Grant dressed him while I was shooting my session (Daniel dresses himself).

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