9 September 2008

SeekinHim's question

SeekinHim from Words on Wendhurst asked,

My question is: how big is the room you have your studio in? It seems like you have quite a bit of room to move around?

The room is 17.5 foot from the bay window to the French doors leading to the living room, and 13.5 foot wide - that's into the alcoves, so it's a little narrower in the middle of the room where the chimney breast comes out.

It is a decent sized room but as a studio it is j-u-s-t big enough and I could certainly do with more space, especially since I have my desk / office setup in there too. When I have my high-key background set up it means that my subjects have to be at least 8 foot in front of the backdrop to avoid light spill, which places me on the bench sometimes when taking pics, which means if I am photographing a child then their parents have to stand. Or I'm lying underneath the bench to photograph a child lying on their tummy - again, the parents are standing. Not ideal, but far better than my previous setups in previous homes!

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