29 September 2008

Tired but satisfied

There is no need to conduct this experiment because I've done it for you. I'm here today to tell you that if you add 50% more people to your home for two months and do only the barest minimum of housework, then during that time your house will become totally filthy.

True story.

I'm also here to tell you that it takes one determined person an entire weekend to dust (including wiping down skirting boards / baseboards), polish (including mirrors), vacuum (including moving furniture and getting right next to the skirting boards with the nozzle) and mop floors ... and that's just the downstairs of my house.

I'm so relieved that the vast grey dust bunnies on the stairs have been eradicated. I was getting scared to walk up and downstairs in case they launched an attack.

Tomorrow I'm delegating most of the cleaning to Grant as my friend Rachel is coming for a visit (hooray!) But it's so nice to sit here and look around and the house looks fabulous ... at least half of it.

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