25 September 2008

WFMW - Massages for Mommy

I'm joining in Works For Me Wednesday again, hosted by Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer. My tip is how to get massages as frequently as you want (pretty much).

Use child labour.

I can hear you protesting now: but my kids don't find it fun and get bored too quickly! They have tiny poky little fingers! They don't have the strength in their hands for a nice deep pressure!

Here's the tip: settle yourself straddling a chair (so you can rest your head on your arms on the back of the chair), settle your child on a chair behind you, put on a story for them to listen to and give your child a car.

That's right, give them a car. Find a toy car that fits nicely into your child's hand and has big, sturdy wheels.

They can now run the car all over your back (and even press nice and hard if you like a hard massage like I do) and it feels wonderful. You can tell them your shoulder blades are rocks that they have to navigate around and your shoulders are hills they can drive up on to.

My 6yo Daniel had a great time doing this for me yesterday ... of course, it helps that he has discovered the thrill of filthy lucre and was getting paid for his labours.

But that works for me so we're both happy.

Enjoy your massage!

Click on over to Shannon's blog for more great tips.

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