5 October 2008

Decorating for the seasons

Decorating for the seasons isn't really done in South Africa (where I'm from) or England (where I live), with the exception of Christmas decorations. I love the idea, though, of bringing some seasonal changes in every three months or so. So I made a basket liner for the basket in the bathroom, using autumnal fabric. I had planned on adding some orange hand towels and a pumpkin soap dispenser (not jack-o-lantern, just a pumpkin) but haven't done so as the only pumpkin soap dispenser I could find was on the US eBay and it was $26 just for shipping. Ouch. But I'm pleased with the basket liner and might go ahead with the hand towels.

In winter I plan on doing a white and blue snowflake fabric liner, blue hand towels and maybe a blue soap dispenser that I can add white snowflakes to with rubons or something.

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