2 October 2008

Project Jen is still alive

I've not shared this here before but I actually have another blog called Project Jen. It was started as a private blog to record my weight-loss journey and I kind of abandoned it but I've started posting there again.

Why am I sharing that here? Because if I think anyone is actually reading it it might make me more motivated to post! I'm planning on posting there more frequently to record what I eat and how I feel and my weigh-in results, etc. I don't have tons more to lose but I do need to start eating more healthily again and get rid of the great handfuls of fat on my belly and hips.

I know what you're thinking: I look okay in the pictures I post on my blog. But I am v picky about which pictures I post plus my clothes hide the problem areas well. I'm not one of those skinny chicks who pinches a half-inch of skin and goes, "Ooh, I'm so fat!" I genuinely do have weight still to lose to feel healthy.

My healthy range for my height is between 8st5lb (in England we weigh in stone and pounds - there are 14 pounds to a stone so 8st5lb is 117lb) and 10st6lb (146lb). I'm pretty much smack in the middle but with a small frame I think my personal healthy spot will be closer to the lower end of that range. I'm not aiming for a number but for a "feel", if that makes sense. We'll see how it goes. If I simply maintain I'm fine with that too and can make peace with my body the way it is (moms are supposed to be at least a little cuddly, right?) - I just don't want to regain the weight I've lost (15kg / 33lb).

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  1. Sister I hear ya... I have baby weight to lose form the first baby and I just had my 3rd!!! I will soo support you if you support me..... good luck... By the way, does our measurement sysytem bumfuzzle you like yours bumfuzzles me?

  2. titch8:12 pm

    Good luck, Jen! I know you can do it.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to start power walking tomorrow...it has always worked really well for me. Now all I need to do is wire my jaw shut and I'm set!

  4. Okay, let's do it, Jennie!

    Coming from South Africa I am used to working in metric (metres, kilograms, etc) but having lived in England for almost 9 years I am now also used to miles, pounds and pints.

    What bumfuzzles me about your measurement system is just the fluid measurements. Over here it's kind of a mix of pints and litres / millilitres. But you guys have fluid ounces, quarts, gallons ... and I have no idea how much each of those is!

  5. Go Jen! I never had the probelm of baby weight whil eI was pregnant, but I picked up more than a baby's worth after I had her.

    Anyway, I had my head start and have now decided to go it alone, with the tools and tips I've picked up along the way that is.

    I'm half way, so we'll see how this half goes.

    Thanks for the inspirtation.


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