2 October 2008

Project Jen is still alive

I've not shared this here before but I actually have another blog called Project Jen. It was started as a private blog to record my weight-loss journey and I kind of abandoned it but I've started posting there again.

Why am I sharing that here? Because if I think anyone is actually reading it it might make me more motivated to post! I'm planning on posting there more frequently to record what I eat and how I feel and my weigh-in results, etc. I don't have tons more to lose but I do need to start eating more healthily again and get rid of the great handfuls of fat on my belly and hips.

I know what you're thinking: I look okay in the pictures I post on my blog. But I am v picky about which pictures I post plus my clothes hide the problem areas well. I'm not one of those skinny chicks who pinches a half-inch of skin and goes, "Ooh, I'm so fat!" I genuinely do have weight still to lose to feel healthy.

My healthy range for my height is between 8st5lb (in England we weigh in stone and pounds - there are 14 pounds to a stone so 8st5lb is 117lb) and 10st6lb (146lb). I'm pretty much smack in the middle but with a small frame I think my personal healthy spot will be closer to the lower end of that range. I'm not aiming for a number but for a "feel", if that makes sense. We'll see how it goes. If I simply maintain I'm fine with that too and can make peace with my body the way it is (moms are supposed to be at least a little cuddly, right?) - I just don't want to regain the weight I've lost (15kg / 33lb).

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