12 October 2008


My baking goodies were somewhat organised into a big plastic tub with a slightly smaller one nested into it:

But I still found it a bit chaotic and not organised enough. So I tackled it today and stored all of the items that I only use a few times a year (food colouring, cream of tartar, sprinkles, birthday candles, spare vanilla essences, etc) into a hanging organiser that now hangs on the back of my cellar door. It's right there if I need it but doesn't take up any precious cupboard space.

Then I took the plastic tub out of the big tub and nested two baskets on top instead. The main tub holds things like cocoa, brown sugar, sieve, etc.

One basket holds all of my measuring cups and spoons.

The other basket holds often-used small items (baking soda, vanilla essence, cupcake papers).

Aah, so much better! And because I know I'm going to get asked this, I got the big tub at Ikea but it's now discontinued (sob, sob) and the small baskets from Glynwebb or Poundland or similar. If you're in the States, try a dollar store or The Container Store.

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