4 October 2008

Yesterday, in pictures (and some words)

I woke up, got up, showered and got dressed.

I went downstairs and saw that Grant had given the boys breakfast and Daniel had put on his school uniform. They were playing on the computer together.

I unpacked the dishwasher ...

...and checked the weather. Rainy and miserable.

Started my food journal and first glass of water. I find it so much quicker and easier to suck down water if I use a straw - that's why restaurants give you straws in your drinks.

I wore wellies when I took Daniel to school. Because I had bootcut trousers on I just rolled the hems up a bit. My cousin Di is now rolling with laughter due to an old inside joke. I'd explain it, but you really had to be there.

After the school run I had my usual breakfast - muesli and skim milk.

The postman came and brought a new Wii game from our dvd subscription service. Grant and Noah checked it out.

The postman also brought some fabric I'd bought on eBay. Not sure what I'll do with it yet, but I like it!

I did some emailing and read some blogs.

Put on a load of washing.

And tackled the ironing. I really like laundry and ironing (sad, I know). This is Grant's uniform shirt - we hang them up to dry and I don't even need to take the hanger out for ironing as I only have to iron the sleeves. His Kevlar vest covers the rest! When he first started wearing the uniform it took me the longest time to be able to stop ironing after the sleeves. I've conquered that little bit of OCD though!

Noah came in to have some strawberry milk and chat with me. And boy, does that kid chat. HE.NEVER.STOPS.

I had the radio on while I ironed and during a news segment they were saying something about how the cartoon characters associated with food (Tony the Tiger; Snap, Crackle and Pop; the Laughing Cow) are contributing to the obesity problem. Since Grant was home I got to have a little rant about how it's not the cartoon characters' fault, it's the parents'! ("Our kids can watch Snap, Crackle and Pop all day long, doesn't mean I'm going to buy it for them!")

While I was ironing Tesco arrived with our groceries.

Grant and I carried the crates in and unpacked them onto the kitchen table and counters.

I finished the ironing and helped pack away the groceries.

Grant dressed Noah in his preschool uniform and I made lunch. Noah came into the kitchen to play while waiting for his food.

Mmm, pasta, homemade roasted vegetable sauce and cheese.

After we ate I dropped Noah off at preschool and then I took a drive ...

... with Grant ...

... to a car dealership we have talked with before, to discuss trading our car in for something smaller.

Then we went to Sainsbury's to pick up a few things I forgot to buy on my Tesco shop.

Came home and unpacked the groceries (see, I use reusable bags, yay me).

I hung up a load of laundry.

Then I folded and packed away four (4) loads. This took 17 minutes.

After fetching the boys from school I spent a little time with them, pottered around and then started making dinner. I made these burgers and they were so good! I doubled the recipe, made them into 2-ounce patties and froze a whole bunch for future lunches.

Grant and they boys were busy with the new Wii game.

Noah looked like he was getting ready for bedtime!

I loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen.

Read some blogs in my feedreader.

And went up for a soak in the bath with some bath salts ...

... and my book!

Then it was into my pyjamas (my favourite time of day is when I put my pyjamas on!)

And bath time for the kids.

Grant and I went downstairs and played a little Wii Sports.

Then he watched something on the BBC website and I read some more feeds.

Then we read in bed a little and I turned the light out at 10pm. Goodnight!

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