27 November 2008

Retail therapy

I had a bit of a trying weekend with the kids. Noah especially seemed to be in monster mode, I wasn't feeling well and we didn't see Grant from Saturday afternoon until Monday afternoon due to work, rugby and him being ill and sleeping it off.

By Monday afternoon I was ready to run away and had already planned my escape when Grant came downstairs. I took off to Matalan for some retail therapy. I bought:

A little white ceramic pot for salt, which will make it easier to measure out the salt when I bake bread - £1

New oven mitts - £3

Little white ceramic bird for the shelf in the corner - I've been wanting an abstract white ceramic bird forever - £1

Some Bob the Builder bath spray foam for the boys - £1.25

And my favourite find, a plate on sale for £1 and a candle holder for £3

I stuck them together with a bit of silicone sealant and made a nice, tall cake stand!

My small glass dome fits perfectly on it.

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