27 November 2008

Light up my life

I've been wanting to replace our el-cheapo black Ikea bedside lamps for a while but the ole budget has been preventing me from doing that. Mainly because I had my eye on wall lamps that were £13 each.

But a few weeks ago when my friend Laura was visiting we popped down to Home Bargains. Lo and behold, Laura spotted some lovely lamps for only £3.99! Luckily for me she hadn't planned on buying them, and luckily there were two left. I snapped them up immediately.

The only snag was that the shade was covered in a coffee-coloured silk. The shades didn't totally clash with our room, but didn't really match the brown-white-silver thing I had going on.

So I spent another £5 on some silver silk fabric from eBay. It was a bit of a gamble as the picture on the auction wasn't very good, but when the fabric arrived today I was thrilled with it. It was exactly what I wanted and I quickly got out my trusty glue gun and set about covering the shades. Here you can see one done, and one in the original colour.

Before - cheap black lamps:

After - inexpensive new lamps! I love them. They're a little taller, a little more interesting and match better as they're a metallic brown. The shade-covering job isn't perfect, but the boo-boos are hardly noticeable and if anyone actually goes into my bedroom and inspects them then I'll be wanting to know why!

Thanks, Laura, for spotting them!

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