16 November 2008


Noah is my mini-me: he is obsessed with organising. It totally cracks me up! If I say, "Let's do some organising," he goes mental. He'll be jumping up and down, screaming, "Yay, I LOVE ORGANISING!" or "YEAH!! LET'S ORGANISE!"

I swear he just started doing it on his own, I never indoctrinated him or even did much organising with him. But now if I want him to tidy his room, for instance, I just say, "Shall we go and organise your room?" and he's all over the idea like white on rice.

I tried to film him exulting about organising the other day but he was so hyper-excited you can't even hear what he's saying.

Here's what else he helped me do that day: I cut down empty 2-pint plastic milk bottles and used them (and a cut-down cardboard box) to organise our stationery baskets:

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