27 November 2008


I have been wanting to make a quilt for a while - one that I'll pull out in Autumn and we'll snuggle under when we watch TV. I went through all of my fabrics and pulled out any that had white, brown, orange or green in. I cut a bunch of pieces in big and small widths and laid them all out:

Unfortunately this is where my type-A brain exploded. So when I'd scooped all the pieces up and shoved them back into my head, I tried again, going for a more organised design this time:

Okay, it's a bit better, but I'm still not loving it. Am rethinking the whole quilt thing. I think some of the patterns are too bold or something.

I might try a design with white in between to break up the patterns, maybe that will work ... something more like this:

I would say "watch this space" but I suspect this may be one of those projects that never gets finished. We'll see.

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