17 December 2008

A conversation with Daniel

Daniel was doing his reading homework assignment and was reading aloud a story about some alien children. One of the things they could do was switch back and forth from being a girl to being a boy if they wanted.

I asked Daniel if he would ever choose to be a girl for a while if he could. He immediately said, "Yes, sometimes."

Me: "Why?"

Daniel: "Because girls are more sensible."

Me: "I think you are very sensible."

Daniel: "But girls are more sensible."

Me: "When would you choose to be a girl then?"

Daniel: "When I'm at school."

Me: "So do you think that girls have an easier time at school because they're more sensible?"

Daniel: "Yes they do."

It always amazes me how the gender differences are innate. When Daniel had just turned 3 and I was pregnant with Noah we bought him a little baby doll, with the thought that he could bath his "baby" when we bathed Noah, dress his "baby" when we dressed Noah, etc. But what did he do? Stripped it naked, drew on it with ballpoint pen and took his toy chainsaw to it ("I'll only cut it softly, Mommy, because it's a baby.") Nothing like my friends' daughters, who instinctively cradled, rocked and nurtured their baby dolls.

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