4 December 2008


The temperature today has ranged from -1° to 2° Celcius (30°-36° Fahrenheit) and there is frost and ice everywhere. This how the walk to school went today:

Me: Noah, you need to hold my hand.

Noah: No!

Me: Hold my hand please!

Noah: No!

[Noah wipes out on a patch of ice]

Me: Now will you hold my hand??

I'm thinking of my cousin Di, her husband Hilmar and her sweet daughter Phillipa as they make the journey from sunny and hot South Africa to England. I am SO EXCITED that they are moving to the UK, but man, their poor little South African bodies will not know what hit them when they step out into this cold.

DID I MENTION HOW EXCITED I AM?!?! And next Saturday we'll be down in Somerset for my cousin Michael's wedding and I'll get to see them, meet Michael's bride, see my aunt and my other cousin Angela, her husband and two children. EEEEEE!

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