5 December 2008

The hair thing

Thanks so much for all the input on my hair dilemma. It's so fun to get your feedback. I think I'm pretty much decided that I'll do it sometime next year ... in the meantime, I'm going to cut a fringe (bangs) for a little change. But only after our trip to see family next weekend, in case I look like a giant dork. It's okay to look like a dork here because I only really see people at church - everyone else I see during the week is on the school run and I wear a hat for that.

My next question was prompted by Leith's suggestion of blogging while having my hair cut. I suspect that was partly tongue-in-cheek, but it did raise the question of what do you do when you have your hair cut. I'd LOVE to take a book and read but it just feels ... I don't know, rude somehow, like I should be chatting with the stylist.

What do you think? Is it rude to read while having a haircut? What do you do?

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