17 December 2008

Last weekend

Last Friday we drove down to Somerset, where we stayed over at my aunt's house (thanks for having us, Aunt Jane!) The next day was my cousin Michael's wedding and I got to see some of my extended family. The wedding was just lovely and Mike and Jodi were clearly so happy.

Mike and Jodi 2

Mike and Jodi 3

Mike and Jodi 4

Mike and Jodi 5

Mike and Jodi 1

Mike and Jodi 10

Mike and Jodi 7

Mike and Jodi 6

Mike and Jodi 9

Mike and Jodi 8

Mike and Jodi's wedding cake

After the wedding we drove to my friend Rebecca's house and stayed over there (thanks for having us, Rebecc and Paul!) then drove home on Sunday. Daniel was absolutely golden the whole weekend; Noah was pretty good all things considered, except at bedtime. He hassled till after 10pm both nights, when Grant and I were shattered and just wanted to get to bed early. But to be fair he'd been sitting pretty much all day both days and napped in the car as well. It did make travelling with him harder though, and I'm not looking forward to another trip we have planned soon. But other than Noah's bedtime we had a lovely weekend.

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