6 December 2008


I have Statcounter code installed on this blog and it's an endless source of amazement. Or rather, YOU are. I am blown away by how many of you read my blog, I truly am. Here are some of my stats:

In 2006 I had 5,424 visitors.
In 2007 I had 16,564 visitors.
And so far in 2008 I have had 43,207 visitors! How mad is that!

In 2008 the quietest month was January with "only" 1,253 visitors. Well, I wasn't doing much posting as we were moving home - I only posted 17 times.

The busiest month was August with 10,624 visitors! I think because this post was shared around the web a bit by myself and others.

It blows my little mind that I have literally hundreds of visitors every day. It really does.

And they're all over: out of the last 100 visitors to my blog,
31 came from the United States
27 came from the United Kingdom
5 were Unknown (how clandestine!)
5 were from Canada
2 were from South Africa
1 was from Australia
1 was from the Netherlands
1 was from Luxembourg
1 was from Spain

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of my visitors! You make blogging so much more rewarding. It flatters me that you are interested in my life and projects.

So, time for a question: what brings you back to my blog? Is it:
- crafty projects
- photography
- cooking and recipes
- my family
- home decorating
- because I'm South African
- because I'm in the UK
- you'd rather do anything than your work
- other

What would you like to see more of?

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