7 December 2008


Today I got this email:

I just adore your blog and wanted to let you know that since you are one of my previous top 10 blogs of the week, you have been entered in a giveaway! The only catch is that you have to be the most voted for this week to become one of the Hall of Fame, crafty blogs. If you are chosen then you will be put into a vote for blog of the year in January!!!!

So please encourage your readers to head over to the Crafty Homemaker and vote for you plus when they do vote for you they are put into a different drawing! Again I just love you blog and thank you for all you do!

Good Luck


The Crafty Homemaker

How fun is that! Go ahead and head on over there, it's a great blog and there are links to more great blogs. Thanks, Tiff!

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