6 January 2009

Cellar storage

A little while ago I saw this picture and fell in love with the concept:

What a great idea, to use the space along the stairs for storage! Lucky for me my dad has been visiting for three weeks (he leaves tomorrow, boohoo) and loves DIY so he was more than happy to begin building some shelves for me. The shelf brackets were 98p each. I bought 10 and he bought 10 for us as a gift. The wood used for the shelves is leftover laminate flooring planks sawn lengthways. They are attached to the brackets with silicone sealant / adhesive.

Is this a little too Sleeping With the Enemy for you?

Eventually we plan to continue the shelves all the way down the stairs and a little way along the wall on the right above the recycling bins, but we'll do it bit by bit as our budget allows.

My dad also put in a few screws for me to hang my broom, mop and dustpan. I love that he loves doing DIY - these are a little jobs that Grant or I could tackle on our own but neither of us could be bothered so we never got around to it!

Here's a "before" shot from when we first moved in.

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