21 January 2009


The night before last I went to bed planning to read for fifteen minutes before turning out the light. When I got to my room I saw that Noah had moved from his bed to mine and was fast asleep. I carried him back to his own bed, returned to my room and turned on the light ... and this is what I saw:

So much for reading my book before bed! Unfortunately Grant had left a pair of scissors out and Noah had put them to use. And yes, it was a library book:

The next morning Noah had a time-out and when it was time to come out I went and sat with him and said, "We need to have a little talk."

Noah: "Okay."

I started talking about the book and he interrupts abruptly with, "I don't want to talk about that."

But talk about it we did, and he will be apologising to the librarian when we go and pay for the book.

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