30 January 2009

Painting time

Noah has been a little ill this past week. He started with a rash that spread all over his back, front, a little on his face (with bright red cheeks on one of the days) and a bit on his legs. He seemed a little moody, but not ill. The rash had a distinct sandpaper feel and when I Googled "sandpaper rash" all that kept coming up was Scarlet Fever! Well, if that's what he's had then we got off lightly - he had one day where he was unwell and had a little fever that came and went and one day where he was quite cheerful but off his food ("I'm not hungry, fank you.")

A couple of people said I should take him to the doctor to find out if it was Scarlet Fever but I decided not to. I know that SF is highly contagious and I didn't see the point of exposing him to a bunch of people in the waiting room just to be told yes or no - I mean, what could the doctor actually do for him? Nothing, and it's not like he was really ill.

So we stayed home for a few days and on one of the days I got the paints out. Luckily it was a slightly milder day and the house was warm because I prefer the boys to paint topless (and they prefer it too, becuase then they can paint themselves!) It's easier than trying to remove a paint-covered top, smearing it in their hair as it goes over their heads.

Recycled plastic egg carton:

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