25 January 2009


Turns out that I can actually run for 20 minutes in a row - who knew? And nobody was even chasing me.

Of course, if they were, they would have caught me since I was only on the treadmill.

Turns out that if you have an MP3 player (even if it's a cheap junk one off eBay) and some good music that makes you want to move, it's actually fun to run. Kind of like dancing, but without the flailing limbs and humiliation. Actually, kind of like dancing when I was young and foxy and still enjoyed dancing.

Never thought I'd voluntarily run and do so with a smile on my face.

Now to figure out where to put my MP3 player while I run, 'cause it was getting all sweaty and wet in my sports bra. (You're welcome for the visual.) Any ideas?

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