18 January 2009

Two houses ago - bathroom

Take a look at how the bathroom looked when we viewed the house and right after we moved in. We loved the size of the room (a fairly big bathroom by British standards) but that's about all we loved.

The first thing we did was install a towel rail on the ceiling so we could hang a shower curtain:

Check out the wallpaper on the wall next to the toilet:

I immediately started stripping the wallpaper bit by bit when Daniel was in the bath each evening.

Changing the toilet seat made a big difference.



Wallpaper was totally stripped and I started testing paint on the wall:

The biggest difference in the room came when we painted the tiles and bath panel with white tile paint.

As you can see in this picture there was a built-in airing cupboard in the corner of the bathroom where the boiler used to be. There was a boarded-up bit above the door:

We decided to open it up and Grant framed the opening out and built a shelf in the space:

I made a Roman blind for the window; it was my first time making one! Even though I measured it well, it still somehow ended up a bit short - oops! I chose a fabric that incorporated the exact green of the bathroom suite.

I found some chrome pulls for the blind and the light switch cord:

I replaced the light switch cord with ball chain:

Grant added a second towel rail, as well as one behind the door - the newly opened shelf space provided a recess for the rail when the door was opened against the cupboard.

I painted a cheap Ikea stool white and decoupaged on some punched circles in blues and greens:

I decided to paint a very pale blue and we added a cabinet with a round mirror (also Ikea):

The finished shelf recess:

I framed a couple of greeting cards and added a shelf and toilet roll holder to the wall next to the toilet:

Some storage in the shower in the form of wire caddies, and a shaving mirror for Grant:

We later painted a bolder blue which really worked better than the very pale blue. We also replaced the gross carpet with pale grey and white mottled vinyl:

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