23 January 2009

Two houses ago - Noah's bedroom

When we first moved into the house Daniel was a year and a half old and Noah wasn't even a twinkle in our eyes yet. As you saw in a previous post he got the first bedroom and the second bedroom became the spare room. Here's how it looked when we viewed:

And as you can see from these shots taken on moving day, the previous owners left even more junk for us to clear out:

We quickly settled in and the room became the junk room:

Later I painted the walls. I wanted a Dulux colour called Natural Hessian but opted for the cheaper brand of Crown in a colour called Heather Mist or something. When I painted some onto a sheet of white card and held it up in the room it looked slightly more of a yellowish beige than the nice taupe that I was going for, but I started painting the peach walls with it anyway. Bizarrely, as I painted it looked totally grey! I was freaking out a bit as I didn't want a concrete-grey room, but since I'd already paid for the paint and started using it I continued.

When the room was totally painted I loved the colour. It was a beautiful natural taupe which changed in the light, sometimes looking more brown, sometimes more grey, sometimes with a hint of lilac. Just lovely.

Although the room was our guest room I also adopted it as my scraproom. I started decorating in black and white - as you can see here from the lack of duvet cover I hadn't decided on linens yet.

I painted the old wardrobe white:

Then we decided to expand our little family and this room became Noah's nursery (aaw, there's the little punk with Grant):

Framed scrapbooking layout above the bed (frame from bargain corner at Ikea):

Rocking chair from eBay, denim cushion from thrift store, ribbon added by me:

Close up of the cross-stitches I did:

Roman blind with blackout lining that I made:

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