25 January 2009

Two houses ago - the yard

As you can see, we didn't have much outdoor space in that house. We did, however, have a tiny yard which backed onto industrial yards. Here's how it looked shortly after we moved in:

I actually took these shots as the official "before" photos - how forward thinking of me!

Back door and kitchen windows (the right one's seal had broken and there was limescale from condensation in between the panes). The window on the left is to the living room:

Facing back towards the house. Living room window right ahead, master bedroom window above:

View from back door:

The bit around the back - old outhouse with non-functioning toilet in. Grant later razed it as it was falling down and quite a hazard as it was solid brick with slate slab roof.

My very first gardening attempts in England - unfortunately Daniel broke the buds off these Asiatic lilies as soon as they appeared (grrr):

I learnt to put the pot up on the patio table (that we were given) so he couldn't reach them.

Take a look at the back wall - it had anti-climb paint along the top that the rain had washed all down the brickwork - the clear patch is where Grant had tried out the power washer:

After power-washing the whole wall:

We later added a shed in front of that wall. Here is how the yard looked when we moved out (please excuse the half-naked Daniel):

View from the back door:

Facing the living room window - hello, Grant!

View from living room window:

View from kitchen window:

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