9 January 2009

Water storage

Along with stores of food and our 72 hour packs we also store water for emergencies. But I don't want it taking up valuable shelf space in the cellar and certainly not usable kitchen cupboard space. So where to put it?

Well, you know those corner base cabinets, the ones that are impossible to get into unless you have a lazy Susan installed? I have a bunch of 5-litre bottles stashed in there. They don't get in the way but are readily accessible if needed. The empty space you see is where our cereal containers go.

And you see the moulding at the top of the wall cabinets?

It perfectly conceals 2-litre pop bottles, cleaned out and filled with water (with the addition of one or two drops of sterilising fluid).

Do you store water? Where do you stash it? How much do you have stored? So far we have 65 litres with room for more as and when plastic pop bottles become available.

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