22 February 2009

Dusty's question

Dusty from All Things G&D (our giveaway winner) asked, "I would like to ask you when you plan on coming to Wisconsin to visit me?? Actually, scratch that. I'd really like to know if you, Grant, and the boys ever plan on MOVING to Wisconsin?" (She even bribed me with free babysitting!)

To answer the first question: just as soon as you pay for my flight, I'll be over there (and I'm not even kidding)!

To answer the second, do you have any idea how long it's taken us to decide on emigrating to New Zealand (and we're bound to change our minds yet again after having already decided on Canada and then Australia)?! Don't mess with our plans now, girl! Actually, I've always wanted to live in the US and would move over in a heartbeat if Grant wasn't a cop. Something about him being a cop in the US scares me to death.

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